A lot of manufacturers released Ferrari scale models in the past.
Unfortunately not many brands have survived the time. Take a look at my database: almost 100 brands, including serial numbers, pictures and additional info. All Ferrari 1:18 models ever made.
If you have new information for me, please drop an e-mail. Thanks!
Welcome to DCPixels. The website about Ferrari models in scale 1:14 to 1:18.      DCPixels is not commercial.
Since the existence of this website I have created a database of all Ferrari models in this scale. It's dedicated to all Ferrari scale model collectors as a reference or information source.
Here you can find information of more than 90 manufactures.
What will be new Ferrari models to be released in 2013?
Hotwheels, BBR, CMC and Kyosho comes with new high end models.
Check out the news page for the latest info and updates or view the database by manufacturer, supplier or brand.
My Ferrari scale models collection started in 1986.
That year I saw a Testarossa for the first time. At that moment I was infected with the Ferrari virus. In a local gas station I bought my
first diecast model; a Bburago Ferrari Testarossa. One year later Bburago came with the F40. Because of the large question to this model I have waited more than a half year to get it. It became a 'sales-hit' with more than 2.5 million produced cars!
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