HOSTARO , scale 1:18
Modified cars, mostly based on Bburago models. In the past worked with Ilario Chiera called Hilario.


This is a summary of Ferrari diecast models modified by Mr. Hoogstraten from Hostaro, the Netherlands. More information? Please send me feedback.
DCPixels.eu is not a commercial site. It's dedicated to all Ferrari diecast collectors as a reference or information source.
The pictures are copied from differend (auction) websites. Please drop a message if someone has problems with copyrights.


Type Year Serial number Color Prod. year Number Remarks Picture
  348tb Zagato 1993 n.a. silver limited 50 pieces Highslide JS  
  348tb Zagato 1993 n.a. yellow limited 50 pieces Highslide JS  
  348tb Zagato 1993 n.a. black limited 50 pieces Highslide JS  

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