MATILDE MODEL, scale 1:18


This is a summary of all Ferrari diecast models made by Stefano from Matilde Model, Italy. If anybody has more information please send me your feedback.
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Type Year Serial number Color Driver Number Remarks Picture
  C.M.N. 15/20 HP 1919 n.a. red Enzo Ferrari #29 Construzioni Meccaniche Nazionale, Parma - Poggio di Berceto, 60 pcs. Highslide JS  
  Alfa Romeo P3
Scuderia Ferrari
1933 Modified
Bburago 3214
red Nuvolari #28 Winner GP Della Tunesia Highslide JS  
  126 CK 1981 n.a. red Gilles Villeneuve #27 GP Monaco Highslide JS  

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